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Hand Tracking is a natural and low friction input modality, with application across all spatial computing platforms, that changes the way people experience the virtual world.

The FRL Pathfinder team took Hand Tracking from a research technology to a product shipped on Quest, unlocking new possibilities for both developers and users. Our work was the subject of a key talk at OC6, and became a set of public design guidelines that enable developers to quickly make best use of this new input.

The research phase of this work explored new interaction concepts and interfaces natively designed for hand input. This was followed with focussed studies on key interactions like targeting and manipulating. Together these were used to define the interaction model, reactive components, and visual feedback that makes Hands on Quest feel useable and powerful.

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AR Glasses will radically alter our relationship to the virtual world, requiring the design of fundamentally new interactions, systems, and metaphors.

The AR Product Team is exploring these problems using experimental hardware and software. Using a combination of system design, concept film making, and interaction prototyping, I have led specific areas of exploration from idea to canon, pushing the possibilities of this new medium.*Footage above is public material indicative of internal work.

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Mixed Reality Productivity elevates VR from games console to universal computing platform.

The FRL Pathfinder team worked with Mixed Reality technology teams to build a productivity proof of experience showcasing smart physical surfaces, multiple inputs, and new use cases. Several elements of this work have been adopted and are planned for release in future products.* Footage above is public material indicative of internal work.

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