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With the disaffection and alienation of North/East London Youths from mainstream Political processes exploding in the Summer of August 2011, the Cook's Ferry Youth Club attempts to redefine modes of engagement with the current political system. Exploiting advances in networked gaming technology and Social Media, the pavilion facilitates political discourse in a medium more akin to youth than the ossified traditional structures.

Utilising CryEngine - a video game generator - for both the visualisationof the pavilion and its program, the Club is able to transcend the limitations of its site to create both physical and virtual spaces. As such the pavilion is able to simultaneously exist in parallel allowing differing forms of Social interaction in each state, which themselves constantly update in response to developments. As players advance through the game, reward structures unlock new weapons and levels. Yet whilst gamers can progress through virtual occupation of the pavilion, to unlock bonuses, complete levels and thus ultimately the Game, they must also attend the Youth Club through a physical presence on the site.

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