jasper stevens

The London NOTEL is a new typology. Part cinema, part immersive theatre, part hotel, the NOTEL provides long form spatial narratives to be explored over the course of a day by it's visitors. Visitors experience the building through Virtual Reality, enabling this single physical building to manifest itself as multiple distinct narrative experiences, unique to every user. A permanent structural frame and a series of support modules allows the construction of new fragments for different narrative seasons. The physical architecture is never seen, only touched, existing as intersecting haptic infrastructure designed to guide visitors through narratives and facilitate immersive experiences. 
But the NOTEL has a secret. There are rumors that the building no longer has any staff, that it somehow runs itself, and that some guests have never returned from their visits, lost forever inside the building's multiple realities. A Private Investigator has been engaged by an anonymous client to investigate these claims. Provided with only a brief description of the case, and a map marking a route to take, he arrives in Leicester Square on a rainy Saturday night...



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